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A Path to yourself...

We often don't fully understand what's inside us, what's moving inside us...

Our history, the story we tell ourselves from day to day that defines our sense of identity, forms the prism through which we see the world.

Life's challenges are met with a multitude of emotions, shifting reactions that express our state of mind and our perception of what surrounds us.

And so it is with the human experience: that which is lived within, in the secret of our being.

Emotion is what is alive inside us

But our current Western civilization, focused on wealth creation and material comfort, irresistibly draws our gaze outwards, to the point of denying that which is alive within us, because it is impalpable, invisible and immaterial. It's tempting then to ignore these inner impulses, to relegate them to the background... 


The world we live in demands our attention. Every day, we mobilize ourselves to acquire resources, to ensure the survival and comfort of ourselves and our family.

In this quest, we are regularly led to put aside emotions that we don't have time to manage, that emerge at times we consider inopportune, and experience them as troublesome, as hindrances, as things we don't know what to do with, even though they are the very foundation of what is alive in us.

Many of us are cut off from our emotions. We put off investigating these inner states until later, a "later" that rarely comes... In the meantime, whatever has not been taken into account by our consciousness will have an impact on the body, which will take over.

The flow of energy that feeds life within us, disrupted by these repressed emotions, will see its harmony disturbed here and there, and a healthy state of functioning will be replaced by a dysfunctional one. The body's energy, impeded by these parasitic emotional energies, will favor the emergence of various illnesses and disorders.


But it's not always easy to explore the depths of our inner selves, as the emotions that run through us can be powerful, heavy and frightening. We then avoid confronting ourselves with prodigious efficiency, and content ourselves with avoiding the elephant in the corridor...


Billions of thousands
before me

The body we inhabit, and which enables us to experience life on Earth, is the result of the fusion of hundreds of billions of individuals before us, who have themselves experienced their challenges, their joys, their sorrows; their fears, their impediments, their interdictions... and whose memories have impregnated the physical bodies of their descendants. Today, we speak of cellular memory and epigenetics.


It has been scientifically demonstrated that traumatic information has an impact on DNA and is passed on to future generations.

In particular, studies have been carried out on descendants of the Holocaust, who showed traces of post-traumatic disorders, even though they themselves had not experienced the tragedy.

These traumatic memories, which do not belong to us but which sometimes have a strong influence on the way we live our lives, can be accessed during an energetic healing session, and help free these memories.

Published scientific research:

Information within us
and all around us

We are much more than what we are currently aware of.

We also evolve in an environment that is far more vast and complex than our senses allow us to see.

You are not limited to your physical body: you are the consciousness that inhabits it. Looking in the mirror, a part of your inner self remains invisible to the eye, yet is very much there... This intangible part of you is energy, and it can be accessed, connected.

We all call upon this innate ability to connect to the energies around us on a daily basis. It's that instinctive, animal part of us. The one that makes us say with certainty that something is right for us. But as we grow older, we often cut this inner link, basing our readings and decisions on the rational foundations of our mind. Yet this is the truth within us expressing itself, most naturally...

When you can no longer see clearly which path to take, when life presents you with repetitive situations from which you cannot seem to extricate yourself from, when you are faced with unexpected changes that leave you bewildered, an energetic reading enables you to come into contact with that deeper part of yourself, capable of transmitting to us the keys to understanding.

A dialogue between self and self opens up, deeply enlightening and transformative...

"What we have called matter is in reality an energy whose vibration has been thus reduced to being perceptible by the senses."

Albert Einstein

"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, information and vibration."

Nicolas Tesla

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