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Guided Meditation

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channeled guided meditation

Open to all

Mondays 7.30pm in English (French Time) 

Wednesdays 7pm in French (French Time)


The gift
of another
point of view

I wished to combine two pillars of my life: meditation and channelling, so that you can benefit from higher wisdom to guide you on your personal journey.

Each session offers a teaching of great wisdom and poetry, and a fresh and vibrant look at themes associated with spiritual elevation and personal growth.

Reconnecting with the body

Reconnecting with the body is central to these channelled guided meditations.

In my own experience, returning to the body is essential to reconnecting with our deepest essence, so I'm keen to invite you on this inner journey that will open you up to yourself...


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Guided Meditations

Find audio recordings of the channeled guided meditations:

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