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Energy Healing

What is energy?

energy reading and energy healing

I often use the analogy of the tree to explain what energy is: energy is to the body what roots are to the tree. They're not visible, yet without them, no tree. The same is true for the body and for everything visible. Energy underlies matter. Although many of us find this hard to imagine, physics, and more recently quantum physics, teaches us that it's true.

According to Einstein, all physical matter is energy, whose varying degrees of vibration define the density perceptible to our senses.


This energy contains information, which is accessible to those whose sensitivity allows it. Here again, it may be hard to believe, but the information delivered during energy healings or readings, which is not known to the therapist, is often disconcertingly precise.

A good analogy would be wi-fi: few of us question the how of it, because the technology is now widespread, tested and approved. But how can information of such precision travel through the air?

What has yet to be explained is no less real...

Why act on energy?

What we experience - our joys, our sorrows, our emotional shocks, our frustrations, our angers - alters our energy.

These inner experiences may leave a deep imprint on us, and in any cases have an influence on the energy that constitutes us, and can modify or alter its path through our body.

What we don't understand or become aware of will gradually affect the way energy flows through our body, which will then take over to express what needs to be heard: this is when illness occurs.

At the root of every physical ailment lies an unacknowledged problem.


It goes without saying that the usefulness of traditional medicine is in no way called into question, and that its intervention is indeed essential when the body has developed a deleterious way of functioning.

However, it is clear to me that the support of energetic healing is of invaluable help, in order to act not on the symptom but on the origin of the energetic dysfunction at the root of the illness, so that the body regains a functioning that is beneficial to life.


Sessions can be conducted in English

The session takes place by videoconference.

It is recorded, so that you can concentrate on what is being said and come back to it later.

Remote healing:
Why it works?

The energy that constitutes us and moves through us is not restricted to the body envelope. The physical limits of matter do not apply to energy. It flows freely, like water that is not constrained by any dam and that stretches freely around the earth...

So, even though you're not in my presence, the beneficial energies channeled and transmitted during the session will find their way to your body without any difficulty...

Charlene's energy healing gave me real serenity and an extraordinary sense of letting go. I felt totally taken care of during this healing, with the sensation of real relief. Despite my long-standing fibromyalgia pathology, I felt soothed and fully convinced that Charlene had contributed to both physical and mental comfort. A magnificent session in which Charlene was a true guide at my side.

Magali R. - Paris, France

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