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I'm what is called a therapeutic channel: I make contact with other planes of energy and the consciousnesses that inhabit them, and their healing energies and messages pass through me to reach you.

I've accepted the calling and am now at your service,

Charlene Mas

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A bridge between you and the energies that surround, help and guide us

After 10 years in the service industry, and a fairly conventional career path (international business school), in 2021 a powerful spiritual awakening reconnects me with my deepest nature.

In the space of a few months, everything loses meaning. My vision of life, death, others, work, love, sexuality... everything is turned upside down and illuminated in a completely different light. I suddenly feel a very strong calling within me, and understand that my earthly incarnation will come to an end if I don't finally align myself with the mission I've come to accomplish. I'm summoned to stop being childish, overcome my fears and put myself at the service of others, as agreed. The calling within me is such that I have no choice but to obey, despite the unknown unfolding before me. I leave a job in the service industry, socially valued, financially comfortable and secure.

An inner journey then takes place. Many hours of meditation, refocusing and inner exploration loosen the superficial layers and gradually reconnect me to the essence that I am, and my capacities open up and unfold. I'm experiencing an emergence. It's so tangible that I feel like a volcanic eruption inside my body. Like a rock that has inexorably begun its slow push from the core of me.

My vision of the world, of everyday life, is transformed. My perceptions expand and refine, reconnecting me to a great joy. That of being in direct connection with other planes of consciousness, with non-incarnate consciousnesses, spiritual guides, impalpable beings who are nonetheless in permanent link with us and support us in our incarnation.


These beings grace me with their presence during treatments and guidances, and their luminous, healing energy passes through me, a simple channel, a simple column of air that begins to vibrate with their high energies and transcribes their intentions and messages for you into human words.


This is my mission.

I am a bridge between you and the energies that surround, help and guide us. I am at the service of this link. My intention is to bring you closer to yourself, to your deepest nature, with the help of my spiritual guides and yours, to allow your own essence to emerge...


Charlene Mas


+33 6 58 15 84 60

48170 Arzenc de Randon, Lozère, France

Thank you for your message,

I'll get back to you as soon as possible

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