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Emotional Release

Accessing your depths

Sometimes, life presents us with a situation that affects us emotionally in a very powerful way. We're overwhelmed by an emotion that we can't manage, integrate or process, and we set about systematic inner avoidance so as not to be confronted with this memory whose emotional charge we can't seem to shake off.


But such an emotion has a high energy charge, and its avoidance has effects both on the body and on thought, and can lead us to reduce our field of action, thus having a direct and very concrete effect on the way we live our lives.

A Path
to Yourself

You may have the intuition that this emotion needs to be revisited, to be reopened so that it can be released, but accessing your depths can seem frightening, out of reach, and you may not know how.


During an emotional release session, I accompany you to the center of yourself, to the solar plexus, seat of the emotions. I act as a guide, opening the way for you, and we descend together to meet this emotion. 

As a therapeutic channel, my role here is to enable you to enter into dialogue with this emotion, by evacuating the energetic part that is overflowing. You'll then be able to feel it in your body, hear the message it hasn't been able to deliver, and finally move through it to free yourself.


It is an opportunity to learn a path towards yourself, an inner path that will enable you to come back to yourself in any other circumstance, and to visit your inner self yourself when a life situation questions you...

Two months after I took up a new job in a big company, my father died suddenly. I had to put my grief aside. But one day I just snapped, and understood that I needed to mourn...

This emotional release session enabled me to let go of everything. I had rationalised his death, but I hadn't come to terms with it emotionally... This session was deeply moving, but a real life-saver... Besides, my father came to Charlene with wonderful messages that helped me to feel reassured.

Today I'm at peace when I think of my father...

Alexandra E., Lyon - France

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