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At the basis of our experience of the world are our beliefs

Where our belief is, our reality is

We are conditioned, wether we are aware of it or not.

By our parents' beliefs, their vision of life, of right and wrong... Of what's right and wrong... Of what is considered fair and unfair... Of what is to be done and not...

By the environment in which we grew up, and what was deemed possible and desirable in that particular context.

By our life experience, what we lived that have impacted us, positively or negatively; what we have experienced as successes or failures, and to what extent we have associated it with our perception of ourselves.

Limiting beliefs and self-sabotage

A personal vision

This environment of beliefs has forged our own set of glasses, the prism through which we view life, the meaning we will give to our experiences, the explanations we will give to our lived experiences.

However, what our parents passed on to us is not life, but rather their vision of it.

What we've taught ourselves is merely our interpretation of what was. 

And since we're the only ones who inhabit us, we generally have no perspective on the non-universal nature of our beliefs and perceptions of the world.

Family Loyalties

The visions passed down to us have not only forged our own vision of life and our experiences, they have also created loyalties within us to those who instilled them in us.

Without realizing it, we often find it difficult to go against our parents', or even our lineage's vision.

Would a father with a deep-seated dislike of people with lots of money allow us to move serenely and joyfully towards an experience of financial abundance?

Would a lineage that had been part of the working class, and whose unity was forged around a rejection of the bosses, enable us to nurture an inner entrepreneurial desire and project ourselves into success?

I live what I allow myself to live

It's as if life responds to what we allow ourselves.

The fears we obey define the experiences of the world we allow ourselves to have.

The beliefs we hold about ourselves, should we undertake such and such an action, defines what we allow ourselves to experience.

And very often, our fulfillment lies precisely on the other side of fear...

A transformative process

But we still need to be aware of these conditioning, then question them and remove them from our thought system...

Dedicated energy readings lift the veil on these unaware thoughts, and free us from the mental straitjacket into which they plunge us.

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Any topic can be addressed: bring 3 to 4 issues to the session, and we'll explore them together.

Here are a few examples of questions that can be raised and that an energetic reading can shed light on:

Fleurs de fleurs

Life Mission






Life Mission

Who hasn't asked themselves "What am I supposed to do? What is expected of me?" The quest for meaning is an integral part of who we are as human beings, guiding our steps in the midst of all these possibilities, which can sometimes seem dizzying...

We all have talents. Abilities that come naturally to us, that we deploy simply and effortlessly, and which give us deep satisfaction when we express them. But identifying these intrinsic strengths is not necessarily easy, and self-doubt and self-questioning can cloud the way...

These talents exist within you, and constitute your uniqueness, the special note you're called to play in the great symphony of life.

Becoming aware of them gives you tremendous strength and deep peace of mind. You know who you are. You know the essence of what you are called to express in the world...

A single objective: to be deeply alive, and aligned with yourself...

Métier à tisser qui symbolise le thème du travail


Whether we're thinking about our career direction, just starting out or taking stock, we're often led to question our suitability for the job we're doing, or the career we've set our sights on.

An energy reading session can help you answer questions that will help you orient yourself towards the type of activity that is in line with your deep being.

  • What are my innate skills, those that I'm capable of deploying with ease and on which I can capitalize on?

  • What kind of work environment would allow me to flourish?

  • What is my natural rhythm?

  • Which contexts put me in difficulty and should be avoided in favor of others?

  • What are the beliefs that prevent me from mobilizing my energy in a fulfilling activity?

Détail de métier à tisser qui symbolise le theme du travail
Rose brûlante
Rose brûlante

Burn Out

The onset of burnout can seem like a challenge from which there is no way out. By gaining a better understanding of our inner workings, we can learn a new way of relating to ourselves and to the world.

An energy reading session can help you answer questions such as:

What is my relationship to work?

How do I relate to myself and others in a professional context?

  • What energizes me?

  • What requires energy from me?

  • What is my relationship with my body?

  • What mechanisms and beliefs have led me to exceed my body's capacities?

  • What could I put in motion in my life to learn a new, calmer, more loving relationship with myself?

Eau d'une fontaine qui déborde, qui symbolise l'abondance financière
Détail de l'eau d'une fontaine qui déborde, qui symbolise l'abondance financière


Although it doesn't have to be the main objective of our lives, money is nonetheless a facilitator of experiences and life...

So what is the story I tell myself about money? What beliefs have shaped my vision of this essential energy in our world?

Do I allow myself financial abundance?

How are people with money perceived by my close circle? Am I loyal to this vision? Have I inherited any traumas related to financial independence from my ancestors?

What about me?

Who would I be if I had money? What dreams that drive me but frighten me would I have no excuse to undertake if money was no longer an issue?

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