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Champ de blé
Stroke lumière

Connect with your guides

Every human being is supported in their incarnation experience. 

Guides are watching over us and are available to us, whether we believe in them or not.

But not all of us are yet able to hear them.

And yet open dialogue can be a great help on our journey...

Chambre Blanche

a new light

The vision that our guides have of our incarnation experience goes far beyond our vision and considerations as little humans. Entering into dialogue with them gives us a higher perspective.

What I currently experience as suffering may turn out to be a doorway to an inestimable inner treasure, a gift of light capable of transforming my life.

Being offered a different way of looking at things is profoundly soul soothing...


Sessions can be conducted in English

The session takes place by videoconference.

It is recorded, so that you can concentrate on what is being said and come back to it later.

Frequently asked questions

Who are they?

They're commonly called guardian angels... They can be beings of very different natures, in various forms, living in the higher planes of consciousness... 

They are characterized by their role in your life: by your side at all times, their mission is to ensure that your incarnation experience runs as smoothly as possible, in accordance with your soul's wishes.

They can intervene to help you at your simple request. This is a fundamental law associated with free will: no action is possible without an explicit request on your part, which would be considered interference. After all, this is your incarnation experience!

Are the guides

alway present?

Yes, your guides are with you all the time, and they welcome the opportunity to enter into dialogue with you. They know how difficult human existence can be, and the many questions that can arise from it. And although they hear you and speak to you continually by every possible means, there are still very few of us who can hear them or understand them accurately. Calling on someone capable of channelling them with clarity enables us to establish this dialogue and clarify many questions.

Do I know my guide(s)?

It's rare for your guides to be loved ones who have completed their incarnation, although some may choose to stay close by to watch over you before moving on.

Besides, curiosity often pushes us to ask for our guides' first names. You should know, however, that many of the beings assigned to our "watch" don't define themselves by a first name. However, they understand our need to be able to refer to them in this way, and will often agree to give you a first name by which to call them...

Can any of my ancestors come forward?

Yes, it's not uncommon for people in your family who have died recently or over many generations to come to you during a channelling session. In the same way as your guides, they seize the opportunity for an exchange, which is profoundly liberating, both for you and for them.


If you have just lost a loved one, you should be aware that it is not certain that this person will be present at the session. Your guides will be there, but whether or not deceased loved ones will be present depends on their ability to be contacted at the time of the session.

One or several guides?

We generally have several guides. Some people even have many!

During the channeling session, one of them speaks on behalf of all, or different guides alternate in the messages they transmit, depending on the questions you bring to their attention.

The spiritual entities that accompany us can also change over time, depending on the experiences we have and our own development.

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