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Personal Power - Channeled Guided Meditation

Personal Power (EN)

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Contributor: The Spirit of the Lion


Duration: 35 minutes



Personal Power - Channeled Guided Meditation

  • Introduction

    The Spirit of the Lion provides guidance on how Personal Power - Channeled Guided Meditation focused on reconnecting with the body

  • Quotes

    • « And then sometimes the human interacts, so lost, searching outside of itself, expanding war, expanding violence, for it is within. »


    • « There is something that you are breathing in, this is not empty space. Nothing is empty. It may appear so, but it is not. It is filled with life and conscious »


    • « You consider yourself appart from life - what a strange thought. Sometimes above life. Able to do better than nature, what a strange thought as well… All is perfect… »


    • « There is a peace, within, and it is not of the mind. »
  • Details

    Format: MP3 audio file

    Language : English


    Guided Meditation channeled by Charlene Mas - Emergence Atelier (Emergence Workshop)

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