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channeled guided meditation

Open to all

Wednesdays 7pm in French (French Time)

Open participation

Reference price: €10

I welcome and thank

Towards a higher 

The energies transmitted during the sessions are of a very high vibratory frequency, and are aimed at developing our inner growth.

They contribute to the rise in vibration needed to raise our consciousness, accompanying us on our journey, helping us to heal, access forgiveness and make spiritual progress towards reconnecting with our own essence.

The gift
of another
point of view

Each session conveys a spiritual teaching of great wisdom, guiding us on our personal journey. It's an opportunity to take a fresh, vibrant look at themes associated with spiritual upliftment and personal growth.

Reconnecting with the body

Reconnecting with the body plays a central role, as the return to the body is an essential path towards reconnecting with your deepest essence.

During the energy healing session, you are invited to focus on your physical sensations, the energies transmitted being sensorially perceptible with more or less acuity depending on the sensitivity of each individual.

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